PropNex Vietnam : The Leadership Bootcamp at Singapore

PropNex Vietnam – 11 September 2018, Propnex Singapore organized Leadership Bootcamp witnessed 99 PropNexians.

PropNex, in partnership with Life Mastery Academy (LMA), conducted our two day Leadership Bootcamp (LBC) on 11 and 12 Sept 2018. This meticulously curated training program is led by Executive Director Mr Kelvin Fong as the Master Facilitator, together with a pool of dedicated and passionate facilitators who are also our very own PropNexians from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

In its 8th Batch, this round of LBC witnessed 99 Propnex Vienam from four different countries working together in various activities and challenges, carefully designed to boost their confidence and leadership skills for their personal and career developments.

Thousands of PropNexians have gone through our Signature Bootcamps and felt the positive impacts in their lives and businesses! If you are a PropNexian who are looking to revolutionise your career, look out for upcoming bootcamp dates!

Propnex Vienam (PXV) is a joint-venture between Singapore based PropNex Realty and a team of Vietnam industry veterans. Established on 1 August 2018, both parties reached an agreement to formally come together to leverage on each’s competitive advantages in providing solutions within Vietnam’s real estate industry to property developers and consumers. PropNex Vietnam’s success will be built on integrating foreign experience and local knowledge as she strides towards becoming the market leader in real estate services.

PropNex is Singapore’s largest listed real estate agency and its de facto market leader. Founded in 1996, her current official count is 7,248 registered salespersons and over two decades of experience in operating a real estate brokerage and other associated services. PropNex has over the years consistently pushed the boundaries of growth within Singapore’s real estate industry and now occupies a significant 42.7% market share in the residential primary private market, as well as a market leading share of 45.3% in government housing resale market.